4 Supplements that Prevent Hair Loss

Unwarranted sebum production, scalp infections such as dermatitis, hormonal imbalances and genetic disorders are some of the factors that causes hair to become thinner and fall down. Men and women suffering from excessive hair loss can often suffer from frustration and depression. Chronic hair fall is a serious condition which if not treated properly at the right time will lead to eventual baldness. It is often seen that crash diets and eating disorders are responsible for loss of hair follicles. Nutritional deficiencies can often lead to uncontrolled and chronic loss of hair. Before the situation goes haywire you should consider using supplements in your diet as soon as you observe the early signs of hair fall. If you are suffering from alopecia or male pattern baldness taking supplements alone will be of not much use. Taking supplements in your diet will be beneficial when you want to improve the lack of proper nutrition within your body or when you are experiencing hair loss that is not very serious or chronic. Here is a look at some of the supplements you can try out to boost hair growth as well as for preventing hair fall.


It is a prominent (OTC) supplement among men and women suffering from hair loss. Biotin is a component of vitamin B complex that aids our bodies to exchange nutrition into energy Lack of adequate biotin results in thinning of hair, rough skin, and fragile nails. The NIH connects biotin with potential augment in thickness and vigour of the hair. So include nuts, vegetables, and eggs in your diet that are rich in biotin.

Omega 3 fatty acids

These supplements are beneficial for hydrating your hair scalp and help in stimulating hair growth. The human body cannot produce these acids by itself so you should consider getting them by consuming food items that are rich in them. Soya beans, salmon and walnut are some food items that are enriched with omega 3 fatty acids.


Vitamins are essential for preventing hair loss as well as for boosting hair growth and should be used as a supplement. Vitamin A, C, and D are some of the supplements that make the hair strong and healthy. Vitamin A enriched food includes fresh green leafy vegetables, citrus fruits, cereals, fish, liver etc. Vitamin C is rich in antioxidants and collagen that is ideal for preventing hair loss. It also acts a s a barrier to free radicals such as ultraviolet rays of the sun, air pollution and cigarette smoke. Citrus fruits are rich sources of Vitamin C.

Many researches have proved the relationship among vitamin D and calcium level manipulating hair expansion. Supplements like vitamin D and calcium assist in strengthening the bones and general physical condition, which alleviates hair loss. You can consider eating milk as it is enriched with vitamin D and calcium. Apart from preventing hair loss vitamin D also checks heart ailments and bone fractures.


Iron provides oxygen to the hair that prevents hair loss and encourages its growth. It also increases the production of red blood cells in the body that is believed to stimulate hair growth.

To sum up if you start including these supplements in your diet you can see some amazing results. They will help you to prevent hair fall as well regain the hair you have lost. Healthy and balanced diet can go a long way in making your hair long, strong and beautiful that you have always craved for.

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